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Explore the Advertising Possibilities of *374*17#

Channel Overview
Have you ever been thinning how to reach more prospective clients that is targeted based?
Welcome to Rentmattas USSD platform.
RentMattas USSD platform is a Real Estate platform where house rent seeker or buyers can interact with our thousand of real estate agent and consultant in Real Time.
Hold on, let me tell you some of the advantages of using our USSD.USSD is a session based, real-time messaging option similar to SMS. Messages display on the phone screen immediately upon arrival which disappears upon navigating away and will not be saved in your inbox. Performing a balance enquiry on your phone is a situation where USSD application is used.
Typically USSD is managed, & communication will happen only with the designated destinations controlled by your service provider unlike SMS you can send to anyone.

Why our *347*17# Works for your Marketing

First off, we’re sure you’ve dialled *347*17# for House rent. That is a USSD!

And you can access this from any phone – smart or feature! And the next best part is that all responses on the USSD are recorded and stored, providing valuable insight into the behaviour and wants of consumers.

The above lends perfectly to marketing, and USSD has proven time and time again to be a useful mobile marketing tool for many. Working our way down, these are the benefits of using USSD for mobile marketing.

Our Ad channel is Multi-dimensional

Unlike other channel for advertising, RentMAttas USSD is multidimensional in the sense that for every request via our channel(*347*17#), the requester get an onscreen message and SMS confirmation, also, minimum of 20 agents receive sms request message via SMS making a total  of 22 view per request. More also, the SMS message can include a link or call to action message.Imagine the number of request on our channel per day and how this can help grow your business. Act now!!!

Users can use it anytime, anywhere.

The fact that anyone with a mobile phone can use it anytime, any place, is excellent for marketing. You won’t have to worry about not reaching your target audience, everyone can access this!

It’s instantaneous, no waiting involved.

Inputs go straight to the stored data, so users get a response immediately after inputting the necessary number or code. They can access the data whenever they need it, as many times as they like.

It’s easy to use and interactive.

Everyone knows how to use a USSD. Everyone is familiar with *347*17#, so it won’t be hard to get them to engage with your USSD. This means of mobile advertising or service providing is also highly convenient and engaging for your client base. They access it anytime in comfort, without having to go in store or talking to anyone.

Choose your rate.

Depending on the number of client you want to reach, our channel will surpass your expectations.

182 characters (more than characters allowed using SMS)
Faster response rate (real-time) than other messaging options, as it is session based
Messages are viewed instantly as they overlay on the screen
Messages appear over the screen even in idle state

For your marketing on RentMattas USSD please reach us at, 0701285353

Explore the Advertising Possibility on RentMattas Platform

Boost your brand by exposure of your business and services by placing Banner adverts on
RentMattas, the leading property platform.
WHY RentMattas?
“Your brand deserves the right audience”

Our platform is the only real Estate platform in Nigeria that works both online, feature phones and internet enable phone. Depending on your budget, you can target your ad placmenet both on our webeite or via our USSD channel.
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